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MBA Admission Criteria

Different educational institutes have different standards and therefore have different admission criteria for their various programs. KASBIT is no exception. We aim to induce excellent students and change them into extraordinary professionals by the time they graduate.

MBA (After 4 years Bachelors) Admission Criteria are as follows:

Admission Criteria
Minimum %/Grade 1st Division/B Grade in respective subject
Degree/Certificate Recognized Institute/ University
Research Work Mandatory
Duration,Registration Period/Expiry 1 year, Min 1 year/Max 4 year

Course/Academic Load
Maximum Credit Transfer Courses 11
Course(s) 10+1 Thesis
Credit Hour(s) 36
Minimum Courses Per Semester 2

Rules and Regulations
Attendance Requirement 75%(Min 36 Hours Each Course)
Requirement for Issuance of Degree Program Completed + CGPA 2.0 + Internship + Comprehensive Exam

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