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The admissions are open for SPRING 2018 (B.COM, BBA, BS-AF, MBA-Morning). Entry test will be conducted on 16th December, 2017.
MBA & MS Weekend classes commencing from 29th December 2017.

Merit Scholarship available.
Percentage :: Scholarship
60 - 74.99 :: 25%
75 - Above :: 50%
Result Awaiting students can also APPLY!
Apply now and collect your forms.For further queries feel free to visit our premises.

For further queries feel free to dial. 111-KASBIT (527248)


KASB Institute of Technology

KASBIT Private Limited is the parent body of KASB that was established in September 1999, through Registration with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan. It is the first Private Sector Institute of Higher Education that was registered as a Corporate body. Since its inception, KASBIT has achieved many a mile-stones that advocate its high standard, excellence and quality recognition.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari’s (Late)


"Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari’s (Late) Vision for Pakistan “Build an institution whose name would become a synonym for the international quality education”. Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari’s (Late)

vision & mission

To provide competency-based quality education to our youth and prepare them to maximum potential to meet the challenges of 21st century.


KASBIT’s dynamic approach enables its students to have a competitive edge to create milestones in present day business world through narrowing the gaps between theories and practices. The objective and its realization is being consistently pursued, to integrate the two worlds of academic research and industrial development. Accordingly at KASBIT, we strive to equip our students with the most modern skills to deliver effectively in every aspect with objectives of: Producing dynamic entrepreneurs with proactive attitudes essential to succeed in every prevalent business environment To make our students aware and understand the norms required in different cultures. To equip our students to become future stars in whatever fields they venture in. At KASBIT, “we prepare leaders who lead by setting up exemplary roles” by nurturing the natural talents they would be required to work with in every business field.

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Chartered by the Government of Sindh

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