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Prof. Mohammad Rais Alvi

Education serves as a striking weapon to combat the persisting problems of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness through development in all sectors.

As a partner in progress, the KASBIT stands firm to achieve the goals of positive, prosperous and peaceful social change.

Pakistan, as a developing country stands at the cross-roads of complex issues in socioeconomic development which call for a realistic approach and bold decisions to achieve targeted growth in the economic and social sectors, facilitating into a transformation with a more brighter and happier future.

The KASBIT presents highly edifying pursuit of quality education towards unmatched excellence. The learning experience in KASBIT provides students a unique niche of practical wisdom that makes a difference in approach, understanding and performance.

At KASBIT, we promote the values and practice of committed scholarship that evolves into a passion for progress and creative leadership. It is an undisputed institution of professional learning that produces the torchbearers in business, industry and society.


Dr. Anwar Irshad Burney

It is with greatest humility and firm determination that I have taken the challenge to accept the responsibility as the dean of KASBIT – one of the leading business institutes that hold the top most accreditation for higher education in Pakistan. Working for an academic institution where ample opportunity exists to explore the world of business with an intellectual team that has an inclination to grow with a futuristic and research oriented approach.

The academic environment at KASBIT fosters entrepreneurial skills and challenges existing paradigms. It enables  to nurture academic excellence and present opportunities and support to faculty to excel their intellectual pursuits and build upon an environment which is highly competitive and academic where all the modern day facilities exist that not only support learning but also motivate individuals to involve themselves in academic quest of the highest standards.

With its strong enterprising support base KASBIT in a very short time span has gained recognition in an elite panel of higher education institutions offering business education from undergraduate to PhD level programs. It gives me great pride in the fact that KASBIT is motivated to transcend the global perspective in favor of Pakistan by training business professionals professionally. We at KASBIT believe in bringing the best out of our students through all facets of development encompassing curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities to add value to our graduates. I ensure prospective students a highly rewarding stay and a prosperous future with and through KASBIT.