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Participation in events by QEC.

S. NoTitle of EventDate Held / VenuePurpose
1Quality Assurance In Higher Education Institutions30th December, 2020QEC Family
2Assessment in Online Education17th December, 2020QEC Family
3Digital Teaching and Assessment; Challenges for Students26th November, 2020QEC Family
4Introduction of Self – Assessment Report (SAR) standards18th November, 2020QEC Family
5NBEAC Quality Standard 1 to 910th November, 2020QEC Family
64th International Conference On Islamic Banking & Finance4th-5th November, 2020
Institute of Business Management (IOBM) Karachi
QEC Family
7Has present Chair Session of 2nd Virtual International Conference on Sustainable Development Challenges and Solution-202020th-21th September,2020
Dadabhoy Institute Karachi
QEC Family
8Enhancing Quality Through Accreditation11th-12th August, 2020QEC Family
9Digital Transformation in Higher Education2nd July, 2020QEC Family
10Designing Quality in Business Management Programs & Embedding Future Skills in Program’s Strategic Plan18th October, 2018
Institute of Business Management (IOBM) Karachi (NCPA) QEC Family
QEC Family
11For Attending a Session on Significance of feedback of the Stakeholders Focusing on Employers & Alumni12th July, 2018
Indus University Karachi
QEC Family
12How to Make Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) more Effective28th June 2018
Institute of Business Management (IOBM) Karachi
QEC Family
13Adaption & Implementation of HEC Plagiarism Policy at Higher Education Institutions25th June, 2018
Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi
QEC Family
14Quality is in the Eye of the Beholder: Relevance, Credibility and International Visibility2nd & 4th May, 2018
NQAAHE. Mauritius
QEC Family
15Progress Review Meeting & Training for Quality Enhancement Cells (Quality Assurance Agency)23rd & 24th April, 2018
Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad, Pakistan
QEC Family
16Strengthen HEIs Daily Operations -21001
EOMS Way (Quality System International in Collaboration with IMPACT PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS USA)
6th & 7th April, 2018
Hotel Mehran Karachi
QEC Family
17Importance of Cross Functional Feed Back in Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)8th February 2016,
ILMA University Karachi
QEC Family
18Six Sigma in Higher Education21st November2017,
Institute of Business Management (IOBM) University Karachi
QEC Family
19Identification and Prioritization of Critical Issues in Promoting the Quality Culture in HELS15th November, 2017, IBA University KarachiQEC Family
20Participation in the Seminar on Effectiveness of Institutional Performances4th October, 2017, Indus University KarachiQEC Family
21Dynamic of NBAC Accreditation and Re-Accreditation25th & 26th September 2017,
Islamabad Club, Islamabad
QEC Family
22New Horizons: Dissolving Boundaries For Quality Region

26th – 27th May, 2017

National Centre For Public Accreditation (NCPA) Russia Moscow

QEC Family
23Pre Visit Preparation of IPE, Ms / Phil & Ph.D. Program Review5th May, 2017 HEC, IslamabadTraining
24Quality Assurance & Governances20th  – 22nd April 2017 Hotel Mehran, KarachiQEC Family
25Using Quality Function Deployment in Curriculum Development: Survey of Best Practices15th April, 2017 Institute of Business Management (IOBM)QEC Family
26Awareness To ISO 9001-20158th March, 2017 Marriott Hotel, Karachi.Training
27Awareness Seminar on ISO9001-2015 & Process Improvement for Quality Assurance.21st February 2017, IBA, Karachi.QEC Family
28A Policy Roundtable on: Challenges of Governing Structure in Public Sector Institutions.

07th -08th February 2017,

National Business Education Accreditation council (NBEAC), Serena Hotel, Islamabad.

Deans and Directors Conference.
29Producing Effective Graduates: A Challenger For Quality Assurance in Higher Education28th December 2016, Virtual University Of Pakistan & University Of Education.QEC Family
30Mentoring in Higher Education Settings.

The Aga Khan University

10th & 17th December 2016,

31World Quality Day.29th November, 2016, Indus UniversityQEC Family
32National Education Forum (2016)19th October, 2016, IslamabadQEC Family
33Progress Review Meeting of QEC’s Falling Under Group (VII & VIII)21st -22 September 2016, HEC Islamabad.QEC Family
34Follow up Workshop on Triangulation of Teacher, Assessment & Learning Outcomes.11th August, 2016, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher EducationQEC Family
35Triangulation of Teaching, Assessment & Learning outcomes.27th July, 2016, Indus UniversityQEC Family
36National Workshop on Bloom Taxonomy6th  June, 2016, Institute of Business and TechnologyQEC Family
37Using Blue Ocean Strategy and Balanced Institutional Scorecard HE12th  May, 2016, Institute of Business and TechnologyQEC Family
38Six Sigma in Higher Education18th April, 2016, IQRA UniversityQEC Family
39International Conference on Strengthening Business Schools Through Participation 3rd Deans and director conference17th February, 2016, Pearl Continental, Lahore.Deans and Heads of different universities
403rd Progress review meeting and workshop of QECs10th – 11th February, 2016 at HEC, Islamabad.Participation
41National Higher Education Conference3rd February, 2016 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.Participation/Contribution
42Sharing of institutional Best Practices for the year 2014-15 in the field of Quality Assurance in Higher Education15th  December, 2015 at Zia Uddin UniversityParticipation
43Learn Six Sigma way to Academic Excellence in Developing and Emerging Markets28th  November, 2015 at Indus UniversityParticipation
44Developing a Systematic Internal Quality Assurance System13th  August, 2015 at HEC Regional office Karachi (Hosted by Indus University)Participation
45Assessment of Learning outcome10th August, 2015 at IoBMParticipation
46Security Challenges and Preparedness in School16th  June, 2015 at MAJUParticipation
47Quality Management: ISO 9001 Standards13th June, 2015 in Karachi.Participation
48Student Support and Advising10th  June, 2015 at IoBMParticipation
49Role of QECs in Quality Assurance22nd – 23rd January, 2015 at HEC, Islamabad.Participation
50Academic Integrity and Plagiarism27th  August, 2014 at HEC Regional office KarachiParticipation
51Using KPI for Performance Evaluation at Program and Institutional Level18th  August, 2014 at IoBMParticipation
52Identifying KPIs for Academic and Administrative units of the University13th  August, 2014 at Indus UniversityParticipation
53Orientation of Newly established Quality Enhancement Cell25th – 26th February, 2014 at HEC, Islamabad.Participation

Contribution by QEC

S. NoTitle of Workshop/SeminarContributed byVenueDate Held
1How tor QEC, KASBITIlma University Karachi.30th November, 2018
2Self-Assessment Report A Tool Towards Program Evaluation and AccreditationMs. Reema Zahid,
Director QEC, KASBIT
Newport Institute Karachi11th August, 2018
3Preparation of Self-Assessment ReportMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITHamdard University Karachi.17th May, 2018
4Quality is in the Eye of the Beholder: Relevance, Credibility and International VisibilityMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITINQAAHE. Mauritius02nd & 04th May, 2018
5Role of IMC in Textile Industry for Making Strong Branding: A Case study of Orient Textile Mills Karachi.Mr. Abdullah Khan, Additional Director QEC, KASBITSheikh Zayed Islamic Center on Socio-Economic Transformation in the Developed World: Challenges for Islamic Region, Karachi21st -23rd December 2016
62nd International Conference on Business & Management(ICBM)Mr. Abdullah Khan, Additional Director QEC, KASBITMohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi16th – 18th December 2016
7ISO TrainingMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITIndus University, Karachi10th November 2016
8Interactive Session on ISO Certification.Ms. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITHamdard University, Karachi.3rd November 2016
9Sustainable Development Quality Assurance in Higher EducationMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITFIJI, APQN25th May 2016
10Bridging the Gap Between QEC & Administrative DepartmentMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITInstitute of Business Technology (IBT)14th January, 2016
11Second QEC SAP Awareness Workshop for StudentsMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITBenazir Bhutto Shaheed University12th November, 2015
12Modern University Governance Training Program Under the Supervision of HECMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITBenazir Bhutto Shaheed University/td>27th – 29th October, 2015

Conducted by QEC

S. NoTitle of Seminar / WorkshopConducted byVenueDate HeldParticipants
1Impact of Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) Standards to Enhance Quality AssuranceMR. Imran Ullah Khan Marwat
Director, quality Assurance.,
Govt.of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Department Peshawar
Online Training KASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building2nd February,2021Faculty Member, Staff and Different University person, QEC
2Introduction of Self-Assessment Report (SAR) StandardDr. Munir Hussain
Associate Professor
Chairperson- Faculty of Management Sciences Barrett Hodgson university Karachi
Online Training KASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building18th November, 2020Faculty Member, Staff and Different University person, QEC Family
3IPE: Importance and EffectivenessMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building4th June,2019Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
4Benefits of Adopting Learning Management SystemMr. Umair Ahmed Jalali, Dy. Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building3th May, 2019Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
5How to Develop Self-Assessment Report as per HEC Standards & CriterionsMs. Sheema Haider, Director QEC – INDUS UNIVERSITYKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building7th January, 2019Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
6Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning ProcessDr. Abdul Kabeer Kazi Associate Professor, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building2nd June, 2018Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
7Importance of Institutional Performances EvaluationMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building13th November,2017Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
8Awareness and Transition to ISO 9001:2015Khalid Aslam Malik (URS) (Lahore)03 & 04 November, 201722nd April, 2017Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
9In recognition of her Active Participation in the Seminar entitled ISO 9001:2015Syed Ghazanfar Iqbal Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015KASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building31st October, 2017Different university QEC Member, KASBIT Faculty, Staff & QEC Family
10Role of Program Team & Assessment TeamMs. Syeda Nazneen Waseem, Karachi University Business School.KASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building7th January, 2017Faculty Members and QEC Family
11How to Develop Self- Assessment ReportMr. Umair Ahmed Jalali, Dy. Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building25th October, 2016Faculty Members
12First Aid Training by Pakistan Red Crescent SocietySaqib Ahmed, Trainer PRC SindhKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building22nd October, 2016KASBIT Students, Faculty and Staff
13Developing Effective Self-Assessment ReportMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building19th September, 2016KASBIT Faculty and QEC Family
14Faculty Improvement PlanMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Building1st September,2016Subject Group Heads
15Developing Effective Program Mission, Objectives and Learning OutcomesMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITKASBIT S.M.C.H.S Campus22th February, 2016PT members and faculty
16Integrating departmental effectiveness with QECMr. Danish Hussain, Director QEC, BIZTEKS.M.C.H.S Campus20th January, 2016Administrative Employees
17How to Develop SARMr. Umair Ahmed Jalali, Dy. Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus23rd November, 2015PT Members
18How to Develop SARMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus14th October, 2015PT Members
19Developing Effective Learning OutcomesMr. Moin Ali Khan, Dy. Director QEC, IoBMS.M.C.H.S Campus17th September, 2015KASBIT Faculty and QEC Family
20How to Develop Self-Assessment Report?Ms. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus3rd February, 2015Program Team Members
21Importance of Research for Quality EducationDr. Abdul Kabeer Kazi, Registrar KASBIT & Mr. Karamatullah Hussainy, Dean KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus27th January, 2015Faculty Members
22How to Develop Self-Assessment ReportMs. Reema Zahid, Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus1st November, 2014Program Team Members
23The Importance of NetworkingDr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, President OPEN KarachiS.M.C.H.S Campus19th September, 2014Students
24Training on How to Prepare Course Review ReportMs. Reema Zahid & Umair Ahmed JalaliS.M.C.H.S Campus06th September, 2014Faculty Members
25Passion for Quality TeachingProf. Rubina Safdar, Educational Consultant and Trainer of the TrainersS.M.C.H.S Campus21st August, 2014Faculty Members
26Training Workshop on Customer Services and Personality GroomingMr. Umair Ahmed Jalali, Deputy Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus19th July, 2014Administrator Staff
27English Language Training SessionMs. Komal Fatima & Ms. Rabia Sarwar – English Language TrainersS.M.C.H.S Campus8th July, 2014BBA Semester III Students
28English Language Training SessionMs. Komal Fatima & Ms. Rabia Sarwar – English Language TrainersS.M.C.H.S Campus7th July, 2014BBA Semester II Students
29Training Session: SPSSMs. Anila Parveen, Member Research AssociateHyderi Campus8th May, 2014Faculty members
30How to encourage classroom teaching?Dr. Rahat Alam,Director QEC, IBTS.M.C.H.S Campus19th April, 2014Faculty Members
31SAR: A step towards Quality EducationMs. Ambreen Asif, Vice President / Partner, IntellAct ConsultantsS.M.C.H.S Campus14th March 2014Faculty Members
32How to write SAR?Mr. Umair Ahmed, Deputy Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus11th February, 2014Program Teams
33QEC: A step towards Quality EducationMs. Reema Zahid, Additional Director QEC, KASBITHyderi Campus19th November, 2013Faculty Members, Dean, Director
34QEC: A step towards Quality EducationMs. Reema Zahid, Additional Director QEC, KASBITS.M.C.H.S Campus18th November, 2013Faculty Members, Dean, Director