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Academic Advising Counseling

Academic advising / counseling are an essential element of the educational process. KASBIT requirement is to have atleast one advisor-student conferences each semester for which the students are responsible for adhering to institute policies and procedures. For this the students may consult the faculty members, departments, program chairs, program coordinators or the director. Students are assigned academic advisors / counselors and their names are announced by the concerned departments.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for their behavior, academically or otherwise at KASBIT, where as mature members of the academic couminty they are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal and academic integrity and propriety.

Semester Duration

All programs at KASBIT are conducted under the semester system of teaching with semesters divided in two per each academic years as follows:
SPRING SEMESTER : January to May
FALL SEMESTER : August to December
The semester durations are for 19 weeks out of which 16 weeks are for academic delivery and 3 weeks are for preparation for examinations.

Makeup Session

At KASBIT we have makeup sessions in summers that run for durations of 8 weeks in which students who have deficiencies are given the oportunities to makeup as per the rules and regulation of the Institute.

A student may take a maximum of 2 repeat courses for such semesters for which the institute would offer certain non-credit courses in this semester which these students may take against payment of respective fees. Successful candidates would be given certificates to confirm that the required skills and standards have been achieved.


All students must register themselves at the start of each semester for their respective courses before the expiry of the period stipulated by the registration department. Those who fail to register within the stipulated time will not be allowed to attend the classes. Students must register for number of
courses as per the policy of HEC for respective programs. Exemptions may be granted by the institute’s Director.
Note: Registration forms can be obtained from the Registration Department

Social Media Disciplinary Policy

Social media forums are powerful communication tools that may have a significant impact on organizational and professional reputation. Sometimes social media may blur the lines between personal opinion and institutional voice.

In View of above Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology has framed the following policy to clear and protect the picture of the Institute, as well as personal and professional reputation on social media forums.

It is mandatory for all the students to abide by the policy & to follow rules/guidelines for the use of social media on the internet regarding KASBIT.

• No student is authorized to create any page/ID/group that is similar to KASBIT official pages(s) and/or site and/or ID.

• Any use of KASBIT logos, trademarks or other images must have prior approval. Use of official logos, trademarks, or any other Institute images or iconography on personal social media sites are also not allowed.

• All the students are prohibited to create, join or represent any political, religious, ethnic or any other controversial group being identified as the Student of KASBIT.

• No student shall be allowed to discuss or comment on any staff or faculty member of the KASBIT and their family members on social media.

• Student shall require official approval from the management of KASBIT before posting any official information on their site/page(s).

• Posting or sharing any content such as images or any other post which results in defaming KASBIT, it’s staff or faculty members is strictly prohibited as the dignity of KASBIT shall not be compromised.

• Policy matters of KASBIT shall not be discussed on any social media forum.

• Students shall not be allowed to disclose any official/confidential information of the institute on social media such as addresses, employees or students without the consent of the individual/management.

• Any fund raising (request/appeal for funds) within/outside the institute is not allowed until and unless approved by the office of the Director KASBIT.

• Any kind of act/post/comment/discussion which brings defamation to the KASBIT is strictly prohibited.

• All students shall be responsible for their accounts and passwords and shall not be considered as an excuse in case of any breach in KASBIT Social Media Policy.

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