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Welcome to KASB Institute of Technology (KASBIT)
International Board of Advisors


NASIR ALI SHAH BUKHARI (Chairman Board of Advisors)


KASB Group

Ali Farid Khwaja (Member)

Chairman KTrade

CEO Oxford Frontier Capital

Ali Farid Khwaja is the Chairman of KASB Securities, a leading stock brokerage in Pakistan and the CEO of OXford Frontier Capital, a UK-based investment and consulting company focused on fintech for capital markets.

Humza Tabani (Member)

CEO/Vice Chairman

Tabani Group

Humza Tabani is the Entrepreneur and businessman. He is the CEO/Vice Chairman of Tabani Group and directing 10 companies at a time. With diversity, he has made possible for Tabani Group to form big ventures in mega projects.

Yasmin Hyder (Member)

Founder & President

Pakistan Women Entrepreneurs Network for Trade

Dr. Jalil ur Rehman (Member)

Chief Executive Officer

Benthan Science Publishers Ltd.

Bilal Maqsood (Member)

Bilal Maqsood is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, composer, music video director and painter better known for being a founding member of the pop-rock band Strings


Senior Lecturer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sloan School of Management, (U.S.A)


Director Center for Pakistan Studies,

Peking University in China