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Social Life
Social Life

Active students can participate in a wide range of sporting activities and competitions while their collegues join in as spectators to support their teams in the more than 15 sports and special interest events organized in the institute. Besides this, the students also the opportunities to enjoy regular on-and-off premises activities that range from the serious cerbral to the sublimely funny, including dinners and live band and other programs.

Student Events

The role of the KASBIT Student Council is to enhance premises life through a range of social and cultural activities and to also provide students to organize, administrate and manage such types of social events.
Regular activities held for students throughout their semesters include:

  • • Everyday Syndicate Sessions
  • • English Club
  • • Marketing Club
  • • Management Club
  • • Accounting Club
  • • Finance Club
  • • Research Club
  • • IT Club
  • • Current Affairs Club
  • • Drama Club
  • • KASBIT Students’ Council (KSC)
  • • KASBIT Environment Protection Society (KEPS)
  • • KASB Foundation
Corporate Activities


KASBIT conducted an activity with NOKIA in which many students participated. The representatives of Nokia Corporation briefed the students about the history of their company through lectures and presentations. Thereafter, a quiz competition was conducted that included a questions & answers session for the students. The representatives of NOKIA were highly impressed with the qualitative educations that was imparted to the students by the institute, and expressed their desire to organize such programs on regular basis.


The Coca Cola Corporation conducted an interactional activity for students in which different games and speech competitions were incorporated. The institute’s students actively participated and enjoyed gaming session at the end of which the end the leading representative of Coca Cola enlightened the students about the vision and mission of their esteemed organization.


This eminent and worldwide multinational company organized a gaming session in which students played cricket (Cricket Revolution) and after the game, their representative distributed gifts to the students and special prizes and game CSs to the winning students. Pepsi’s representative also briefed the students about the company’s products operations world-wide and before conlsuding the session also distributed their products to all the attending students and staff members of the institute.

Mobilink Jazz

Mobilink Infinity conducted a marketing event to introduce their latest Wi-Fi internet devices by setting up a stall in the institute. Mobillink representatives provided detailed information about their products through their brochures, presentations and demos of their products, which were found to be of much interest by the students.

Red Bull

The leading brand “Red Bull” organized a promotional event at KASBIT in which the institute’s students were briefed about their products, whereafter a musical and quiz competion was also held. The team leader of Red Bull very actively interacted with the students and distributed fabulous prizes to the winners of the competion and cans of their soft drink to the attendess.

Mobilink Infinity

Mobilink Jazz placed a stall for students and management of the institute for the introduction of their products through presentations and demos inclusive of new packages. The Mobilink Jazz team also conducted a question answer session at the end of whicht their team Manager distributed gift hampers to the students and expressed his desire to conduct more of such events again at KASBIT.

Off-Premises Social Life

Recreation Program

KASBIT has a series of social, leisure and recreational activities for you on and off premises. Students’ picnic takes you across some of this city’s most breathtaking and spectacular views and adventures. Helping sentences make up the most important entire body of your own essay

Students’ Recreation Officer – 1

My name is Abdullah and I am the Assistant Students’ Counselor at KASBIT.
My role here at KASBIT is to organize social, leisure and recreational activities for you on and off premises. In doing this I work with the lovely KASBIT STUDENTS COUNCIL which consists of different departments of academic and non academic nature.
The best thing about the KASBIT Recreational activities is that the ANNNUAL DINNER. On this occasion winners of extracurricular activities and participants of all events are awarded with crystal trophies, medals, certificates and so on. All these just for you!
I look forward to meeting you and providing for you, the ‘true authentic KASBIT experience’. Student Recreation Officer –

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