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Department of Business Communication and Linguistics

Head of Department: Mr. Eesar Khan (

The English Department is responsible to develop and execute the concerned courses for under graduate & post graduate programs according to the HEC approved paradigm and to introduce English language skills to the students both in written and oral form so that the students can understand and use the language conveniently not only to take benefits in their higher studies but also in their routine life so that they can get well prepared to meet any kind of challenges in their future professional life.

Moreover, The English Department also administrates The Business English Club which is essentially responsible to prepare students to perform stage activities including Speeches, Debates; Presentation based programs, Tribute and Guest speaker sessions. The Business English Club is a platform for the students to remove their stage fright and learn the art of Oratory.

Business Communication is also the core subject of this department which make students proficient in writing business letters, reports, proposals, captions and commercial correspondence.

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