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Admission Schedule

Admission Process

Application will be entertained only on the prescribed KASBIT form available along with the prospectus. The prospectus and admission form is Available at the KASBIT campus against payment of Rs. 600. Prospectus can also be obtained through mail against payment of Rs. 750 by pay order or bank draft issued in favor of KASBIT

Admission with Advance Standing

Students from other recognized institutions, colleges and universities, may transfer their previous credits. Credit will only be granted for courses whose contents are equivalent to courses that are part of the KASBIT degree program. KASBIT reserves the right to accept or refuse the grant of credit transfer.

Scholarship at the time of Admission

• 25% Scholarship for Hafiz-e-Quran

• 20% Scholarship for SIBLINGS

60 – 74.99 25 %
75 – Above 50 %

Bachelors Masters MS/M.Phil/Ph.D
Matric Exam 15 10 10
Intermediate Exam 25 15 10
Graduate Exam 15 10
Masters Exam 10
Admission Test 40 40 40
Interview 20 20 20

Admission by Migration

Admission by migration within KASBIT Campuses and from other Foreign / Pakistani Universities/Colleges/Institutes are allowed under extra ordinary circumstances on the recommendation of the Academic Committee with the approval of VC/Dean provided that: The concerned campus of KASBIT agrees to accept the migration of the student and custom essay program for them. Transcript in the original are deposited along with the application of migration. The concerned campus after scrutiny of the original transcript recommends the acceptance of course/credits for transfer. The academic performance in the previous institution/university has been of a reasonably high standard. The approximate merit established by assigning weight ages is not less than the minimum merit in the particular discipline whenever applicable. The university/college/institution from which the student requests for migration is recognized either by HEC / Board of Technical Education / Ministry of Education. The migration fee has been deposited by the student in the name of KASBIT along with the application.

Migration Fee

• Students from institution of KASBIT ______Rs.3000/-

• Students from other Foreign/Pakistani Institutions______ Rs.5000/-

Rejection of Application

Competent authority of the institute may reject any application, cancel or withdraw admission of a candidate as per rules of KASBIT, without standing any reason what so ever.

Policy for Credit Transference

The Credit transfer policy followed by KASBIT is as under: KASBIT allows transfer of the credit from the university/institution recognized by HEC / Board of Technical Education / Ministry of Education. For credit transfer the academic performance in the previous institution / university has to be of a reasonably high standard. The grade transfer will be converted according to the KASBIT Grade Policy.

Bachelors Masters
Maximum 22 Course may be exempted 11 Courses may be exempted

Additional Course Policy

Additional course is defined as registration of a student in not more than one subject than term-specified courses. A student may be allowed to take up additional courses: In case, he/she wants to make up for the deficiency from previous term. In case, he/she wants to speed up completion of degree by taking advance courses.

Inter Program Transfers:

Students are allowed to change from one program to another, provided it is within 1st semester, under the KASBIT Admission Policy. Request for transfers should be submitted to the registration office.


At the beginning of each semester, every student shall register himself/herself with KASBIT in the discipline for which the Admission Committee has accepted him/her. The registrar office shall issue registration evidence to individual student. A candidate will be admitted to an examination of the KASBIT, as a regular student, only if he/she fulfills the following conditions: Student must be registered at KASBIT. Student must have kept the minimum of percentage of attendance in each subject, under the rules – wherever applicable. Student has cleared all his financial dues.

Refund in case of Withdrawal

Admission fee once deposited are not refundable. Tuition fee is refundable. However, the refundable portion of the fee will be calculated on the basis of number of Credit Hours the student attended the particular course of study, which will be deducted from the deposited amount.

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