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(WaqarTech Limited)

Ansar Shah (BS from KASBIT)

I am Ansar Shah – Director, WaqarTech Limited ( A company that specialises in enterprise level web based hosted solutions and mobile technologies. We are in this industry since 2008 and in these few years we have developed and successfully delivered the solutions to the telecom sector. These solutions are intuitive, innovative, scalable and robust. The assignment writing services we develop are used by the giant organizations like, Vodafone, 02, Google, KPMG, Microsoft and many others.
I am a proud student of KASBIT. I have done my bachelors in computer sciences from KASBIT. KASBIT played a vital role to develop my personality, skills and professionalism in me and the implementation of these abilities put a great value in my professional career. I am grateful to the complete team of KASBIT, from faculty to management, for all their help and support that has brought me to where I am today and I can aim even higher from here.
I am a product of KASBIT and I need to represent it with my abilities, professionalism and honesty. I am proud to be a student of KASBIT. We are the ambassadors of our schools, institutions and above all we are the ambassadors of our country Pakistan. We represent them to the world with our acts & deeds, therefore it is our major responsibility to always portray the image in a healthy and positive manner. I wish KASBIT keeps producing more professionals that can compete with the world and make our university proud.


Deputy Manager Accounts
(Pak Shaheen Group)

Sadiq Hussain Qureshi (BBA from KASBIT)

Hello, my name is Sadiq Hussain Qureshi and I am currently working at Toyota Eastern Motors ( which is an authorized dealer of Toyota and Daihatsu, as General Manager of Spare Parts Department. I have completed my graduation in Business Administration (BBA) from KASBIT. I am fortunate to have studied in this institute and my journey was unforgettable. I give all credit to KASBIT that helped me a lot in grooming my personality and my behavior. There are countless happiest and unforgettable memories that I have come across and will remember throughout my life. I studied Marketing as my majors, but the other business courses especially Business Communication and, Time Management and Supply Chain Management has really helped me to get organized and taught me how to communicate in a better way. This BBA program in KASBIT has really helped me gained confidence and gave me the courage to face the crowd through the presentations that are conducted throughout the semesters, and this is really helping me in becoming a good entrepreneur.
After finishing my Bachelors program, I joined my family business automobiles and realized that whatever I studied is helping me in gaining a grip over my business and move it on with a new dimension in order to achieve my goals. I joined my business as a Spare Parts Executive and now after three (3) years I have become the General Manager because of my extra skills that I gained through my bachelor’s degree life from KASBIT.
This is my honor and privilege to write my alumni successful story here, I’m very thankful to God and to my each and every teachers who helped me to be a successful businessman and a successful entrepreneur. And today by the grace of Almighty ALLAH it’s my studies that have helped me in what I am and what I will be in future.


Marketing Manager
(Freight and Trade Linkers)

Usama Bin Iqbal (G.M Spare Parts)

Degree. Knowledge skills are provided by all universities. Some even help students to achieve their dream but KASBIT prepares in such a way that one can achieve success in every aspect of life beyond their expectations. I am working currently as Marketing Manager of Freight and Trade Linkers which is an international freight forwarding Firm dealing with all shipping companies , leading exporters of Rice, Cotton and textile and enjoying a favorable reputation with international buyer along with other international freight forwarding Firms. I joined this firm as Marketing Executive and within a year I was promoted to the post of Marketing Manager on the basis of my analytical thinking, winning attitude, challenging behavior, courageous belief in whatever I do and risk taking at its most. I am also a part of MS (SZABIST). All the glory, favorable reputation, a great career path is due to KASBIT.
I join this university as a very shy person and I also use to stutter a lot. I was afraid of trying new things; fears of failures, insecurity about my personalities always surround my mind. Imagining the life which I am living currently was a far away thing but infect I was even not sure of completing my bachelor. But thanks to KASBIT that it polish me in such a way that my confidence , thinking, approach reach to great height and I become the best presenter, one of leading debater, a writer , a team player in this university. KASBIT help me analyze my true potential it makes me realize my talents which help me attain the things I couldn’t think of achieving.
I don’t have words to thank KASBIT but I will remain grateful and thankful to this platform my entire life. It is not only a university with difference but also a place where dreams come true.


(Lecturer & Assistant Students’ Counselor)

Umer Farooq (KASBIT)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Currently I am serving KASBIT, the place that changed my life, as an Assistant Students’ Counselor and Lecturer. Basically I was a shy and quiet person but now I am able speak on everyone’s behalf. Before joining KASBIT I had a subdued personality and I could not make quick decisions but now am a completely different and better person, who makes quick and correct decisions related to my all my work at the institute.. Socializing was a nightmare for me and I always limited activities related to them, but the environment at KASBIT has helped to makes me a leader and enabled me to become an important part of the KASBIT Student Council. I have the privilege of being the Head of Sports Department as I have great sports skills and have also served as the Head of Security throughout the many semesters I spent at KASBIT that also helped to prepare me for the proper application of skills in my practical life. I started my university life as an average student but I learnt how to become a leader to improve and better my practical life. One of my greatest unrealized strength that came to the fore was the command that I was able to exhibit with complete ease and confidence on stage. Out of my entire batch of colleagues, I am proud to state that I am the only one who is serving KASBIT as a Lecturer.
I learnt at KASBIT that life is a treasure and every person is much more than he realizes. I have also worked with KASB Bank in their Treasury Department, where my services were also greatly appreciated because of the command that I for great analytical thinking and over all practical subjects.
By teaching in group studies I became a teacher, by resolving matters in KSC I became an Assistant Student Counselor, upon the basis of my command in Finance and Accounts I proved myself successfully in a bank. And on the basis of my studies at KASBIT I am now a successful Lecturer in the same institute.
I thank KASBIT for everything and I am grateful for the wonderful and enjoyable future that I will have be having become its Faculty and Management member, and now look forward to contribute in as best a way I can to make it one of the most successful institutes of higher education in Pakistan.


Member Core Banking Project Team
(Burj Bank Ltd)

Muhammad Sarfraz Munir (IT Department)

Thousands of people chose a career in accountancy, business, & management, opening up a wealth of opportunities for them. There are numerous education providers on wide variety of difference study methods and choosing the right institutions makes all the difference.
While I was on the edge of selecting my career I face the same situation. I took recommendations from friends & colleagues and guidance from teacher as not to miss the best opportunity. I chose KASBIT and stand proud and successful today. I completed my MBA in December 2009, and now I am working as Member Core Banking Team in Burj Bank Ltd. I am really thankful to my teachers and KASBIT’s management who made me capable of whatever I am doing today.
KASBIT is the first ISO’s recognized institution. It has been assessed highly regarded best practices and it has access to a range of development opportunities, KASBIT take our career progression seriously and want to ensure it support to the development of our employability. KASBIT gives complete support to earn many career options in terms of roles and sectors. In collaboration with leading experts in their fields, KASBIT provides comprehensive guidance, insight and grooming to prepare solid foundation of your career. If you want to excel in your career, I recommend KASBIT.


MBA (HR), MS (HR)HR Officer
(Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Ltd)

Tauseef Ahmed

When I finished my Intermediate, I was looking for the next challenge, the next adventure. I applied to the Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan, USA to pursue Bachelors program. I got Admission in 2001 and joined SVSU. Unfortunately I was unable to complete my studies and come down again to homeland leaving everything behind. This has been the toughest time of my life. The first of three children, I got married in 2005. I tried all the means to establish property business but the global recession and economic instability was the biggest obstacle in my life.
I finally made the decision, to continue my education; I did my bachelors privately along with some job, than I got myself admitted in KASBIT in 2007 in MBA program. My life took some major twist than. I got the job as Customer Relationship Officer in KASB Bank. This job helped me to groom as professional and the MBA program was keeping me abreast with the new trends and knowledge. I was awarded the “Best Customer Relationship Officer” awarded during the first year of my job.
All the hardship that I faced after coming down to Pakistan and in my early marriage life were becoming lesser with due course. As soon as my MBA study work was completed, I was offered the job in one of the largest organizations in Pakistan i.e. Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company. This was actually the answer of all my prayers and hard work. After completing my MBA in Human Resource Management, I didn’t stop here, and got enrolled in MS program and has successfully completed the course work of MS in Human Resource Management.
During the course of time God blessed me with two lovely daughters, and now I am working in the HR Department of Siemens. In all manners I am glad to get my higher education from KASBIT and thankful to all the faculty and administrative staff for the finest support I received in tenure of my education from KASBIT.


Senior Project Manager & Business Analyst
(Access Group)

Abdul Rehman Paracha

“I worked as a Manager e-Business and was leading multiple technical teams for Application management, System / Database Management and 24×7 Data Center operations at Access Group. I had pure technical qualifications and experience.”
As I want further excellence in my career. I decided to look into business degree to compliment my experience and to open new horizons. Since I wasn’t able to study in week days due to my professional responsibilities. It is also difficult to manage high fees in private sector universities due to personal responsibilities and tight economical situation.
I came to know about KASBIT University’s and offering for professionals through Rector in 2005. He was very nice and helpful. He listened carefully to my ambitions and directed me in a course of study which best suit my needs and interests. He has given me comfort where my time management and economy was concerned. He introduced me the vision of Mr. Arif Ali Shah Bukhari and Dr. Mahmud as dean of the university. I have received continues encouragement from faculty members, faculty heads and Dean through out my relation with KASBIT.
KASBIT education continually elevated me in my career. KASBIT enormously improve my business skill and confidence for my career growth. I had actively participated in business research, marketing, product development and presales activities. My education causes me to help my company to grow business in competitive world. I have rewarded and I become part of strategic management. KASBIT education help me lot while, I am handling additional responsibly and authorities.
Currently I am working as “Senior Management Consultant” and directly managing several business and technical teams. Our company has some of the leading companies as our customers and partners. We have delivered several large size and highly complex solutions to various industries. I am still multiplying my knowledge and exposure by continuing my relationship with KASBIT. I have join KASBIT as visiting faculty of IT management sciences and also serving as management trainer in market.


Business Anchor & Research Analyst

Aadil Mustafa Jillani

I am currently working as a Business Anchor & Research analyst in CNBC Pakistan TV having a professional experience in financial journalism in mainstream media of Pakistan of more than 7 years and also serving as a Visiting faculty member in reputed universities where I am teaching students of Masters and Graduation in the similar manner through which I was taught in KASBIT which groomed my skill, potential and abilities only because of which I have reached a position which I could not even have thought about in the past.
I did my MBA (finance) from KASBIT in 2009-10 where I learned critical thinking, presentation skills, analytical abilities focused on hardworking in a challenging environment and that is helping me a lot in performing my daily tasks that includes.
Focusing on real economic issues of Pakistan & Regional economies with in depth analysis.
Maintaining & updating database of financial dynamics of manufacturing, services & agriculture sectors of economy.
Developing & monitoring research team and adding value to business programming. Ability to meet tight deadlines under pressure, individually and as part of a team. Goal-driven performer who has directed organizational assessment & capacity-building plans to achieve improved performance benchmarks.
Motivated achiever who is recognized for combining program excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and disciplined to achieving immediate & long-term goals.


Senior Manager Projects
(Cyber Internet Services Private Limited)

Umar Gilani

I am currently working as a Senior Manager Projects in CYBERNET having a professional experience of more than 7 years in Project Management. While studying at KASBIT, My MBA (HRM) groomed me, enhancing my skills, building better business acumen and potential abilities which not only made me efficient in what i do but also made me understand the business need hence i could clearly see what value my role is adding in my employer organization. Moreover, studies at KASBIT taught me crucial judgment ability, systematic methodologies implementation and effective conflict resolution skills that are needed in today’s demanding work place to stay in front.

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