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Abdul Kabeer Kazi, PhD



Dr. Abdul Kabeer Kazi is a senior faculty member of Computer Science at KASBIT. He has been associated with this institution since 2003. Before joining KASBIT, Dr Kazi held the key position of IT Project Manager at E-Soft Solutions where he supervised the development & implementation of Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) for commercial banks’ head offices in Karachi. He is an excellent teacher with a long experience of under-graduate & graduate level courses at leading public & private sector universities. Besides teaching, he has also served KASBIT in important administrative positions, like Head of Department, Associate Dean, Registrar, Academic Director, and Dean of the Faculty. He has supervised more than 10 master’s research projects in the discipline of CS/IT/MIS at KASBIT. He is also a member of Board of Studies, Board of Faculty, Advanced Studies & Research Board and Academic Council at KASBIT.

Research Interest


Mobile Communication, E-Commerce, Internet of Things, Mobile banking,

Technology Acceptance Theories, Project Management, MIS



Associate Professor

Computer Science & Quantitative

KASBIT, ICT - Expert Group Forum – PTA – Pakistan,



PhD, Computer Science – 2014, Pakistan MS, Computer Science – 1996, USA

BS- Electrical Engineering – 1994, USA


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Relating Website Quality with Pure-Impulsive Buying Behavior in Online-Retail Segment of Pakistan through PLS-SEM Based Approach

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An statistical analysis of QoS Voice over IP in IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi LANs AK Kazi - Frontiers of Information Technology, IEEE Explore, 2011

X – Category, HEC


A Study to Observe Factors of Internal Marketing and its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Karachi Pharmaceutical Industry


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An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing Adoption of Internet Banking Among Students of Higher Education: Evidence from Pakistan

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List of Courses Taught

1.     (Graduate Level)

2.     Quantitative Techniques

3.     Econometrics

4.     Software Project Management

5.     Project Evaluation & Feasibility Analysis

6.     Seminar in IT

7.     Operations Research

8.     Knowledge Management

9.     Computer Communication & Networking

10.Computer Application to Business

11.Methods in Business Research

12.Advance Business Statistics

13.Statistics & Mathematics for Business

14.(Undergraduate Level)

15.Data Communication

16.Network Security

17.Information Systems

18.Information Systems Security

19.Introduction to IT

20.Statistical Inference

21.Computer Vision

22.Simulation & Modeling

23.Research Methods for Business

24.Computer Concepts

25.College Algebra

26.Business Statistics

27.Environmental Science

28.Structured Programming

29.Object Oriented Programming


Evaluation of Security Risks Associated with Networked Information Systems Analysis of Performance Related Factors of Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Analysis of Factors Affecting the Performance of Wireless Networks for End-user

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology in Pakistani Business Organizations


Role of Software Quality Assurance Engineer & its Impact on Recognition of Software Houses


Identifying Performance Optimization Factors of Oracle Database in Improving Efficiency: Case Study of Getz Pharma


High Potential v/s Slow Growth Rate: An Analytical Study of IT-enabled Services in Karachi


Electronic Loan Submission System


Analysis of Supply Chain Management System


Measuring Effectiveness of ISA Server 2004 and GFI Information with ISA Server 2000: A Comparative Study of Two Systems with Reference to Performance and Security


Customer Relationship Management in Hotel Industry: Case Study of Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan


Impact of HRIS Implementation on Employee Satisfaction: Case Study of HRS Global A Preliminary Study on the Demand of Internet Access in Pakistan

Identifying Factors Responsible for Slow Implementation of Online Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for Recruitment Purpose: Case Study of Services Sector of Karachi, Pakistan


The Impact of Music on Consumer Behavior While in Restaurants: Case Study of MacDonald’s Fast Food Restaurants

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