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KASBIT Student Council (KSC) is a platform consisting of elected students to manage the student affairs and to facilitate them with informative as well as enjoyable events. Along with the responsibility of providing students with practical demonstrations regarding how successful professional firms operate, KSC also shares duties with faculty members for inviting professionals from different sectors to conduct seminars and share their vast guiding experience with students that positively benefit KASBIT students.
KSC includes proper structural hierarchy like every professional organization that includes Seminar, Debate, Marketing, Finance, Event Management, Security, IT and Creativity Departments, which are headed by elected Presidents and Vice Presidents from the students for individual departments. All such responsible designations are supervised by the student counselors, who ensure the welfare of KASBIT students with their expertise. Conclusively, KSC is a work oriented council that works for the management as well as for the welfare of the students.
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Create a qualitative culture of excellence that meets the requirements of students and the institute so that all the KASBIT students are distinguished by their decision making capabilities; their motivation and energy that empowers them for continuous improvement.


Strive to lead the student body with motivation, while ensuring respect for individuals and the core values of the institute to encourage students enthusiasm and spirit and facilitate them with activities that groom their skills through the use of available resources through practical demonstrations as to how professional organizations work and to foster a sense of unity.

Core Values

Our commitment for quality business educations is drawn from all available resources including from some of the leading academicians in the fields of management sciences to impart practical exposure by linkages with theoretical frameworks taught to our students. Through the usage of the most modern teaching and training approaches, KASBIT offers first-hand experience of the real world of business.

Background (The Evolution of KSC)

KASBIT Student Club (KSC) was initiated in 2005 as a student club to encourage the activities of the students for focusing on their requirements which gradually transformed itself into a large society with the introduction of more and more specific departments from 2007 onwards. KSC has since then developed into a professional student council with properly structured departments governed by detailed hierarchies. This council is now being elected through election campaigns and the casting of votes by almost all the students of the institute, who are in pursuance of their educations programs at KASBIT.


The events organized by KSC include seminars representing various major and successful personalities from every sector, student weeks that consist of sports events, debate competitions, quiz competitions, girls days, fairs and talent days etc. Besides these, other major events such as annual dinners with live performances by leading rock bands like KARAVAN have also been organized through the platform of KSC. Events like the distribution of certificates to people associated with KASBIT who participate in dramas. the best professional writing experts in Australia . Like every good paragraphs, each one assisting section should have a subject phrase, encouraging phrases, in addition to a bottom line sentence. Plays and musical performances are also held in which all the students of the morning and evening programs also attend.


KEPS, short for KASBIT Environment Protection Society is one other initiative that was taken up by the students of the institute to make KASBIT’s and our whole city’s environment pollution free and green. KEPS has taken the serious responsibility of spreading awareness amount students as to how we can protect our environment in the best possible way for our future well-being.

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