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Applied Economics & Research (AE&R) is a leading department responsible for innovation, building interdisciplinary and international networks and for focusing on research on important public/private sectors issues. The department keeps a liaison with academic researchers, policy makers and related professionals and partner globally. The department maintains a Knowledge Management Portal to foster understanding and knowledge about political economy. Studies about the needs of the Corporate World and Policymakers and finding solutions are among the core activities of this department. The study of Capital Market, Commodity Market, Fiscal, Monetary, Trade and Labor Policies and their Applications, Research, both, at micro as well as macro levels are learnt for:

• Creating and maintaining Business Architecture

• Scoping and defining new Business Opportunities

• Conducting Feasibility Studies

• Conducting Initial Risk Assessment

• Preparing Business Base

The department keeps on updating the outline of various courses in accordance with needs of the job market. Master Course outlines in various disciplines of Applied Economics and Research are in place. Quality lectures supplemented by references materials are produced. Peer evaluation and mentoring are regular features. The department organizes Workshops, Seminars and Group discussions on burning national and international issues. Seminars on occasions such as Annual Budget are organized at regular intervals. The department now has a new discipline of Financial Market Research to broaden the scope and horizon of students. Use of networking is encouraged among the students to benefit from the DATA BANK that the department has established. Producing Economic indicators, Projects evaluation of students work, Research papers and Research reviews, Multiple Choice Questions, Presentations, some of which are based on relatively new Modules of learning and training, Analysis of Financial Statements of companies, and taking out of KASBIT Business Research Journal are hallmark of the department.

The department works as a Student-Teacher supported Think-Tank.

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